Forward Magazine No. 6

Forward Magazine No. 6

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Forward Magazine Issue No. 6

Forward proudly presents the sixth issue of its unique Design Magazine, on 100 pages, including 7 interviews with a variety of top creatives like Refik Anadol, Ines Alpha, Baugasm, and many more. The magazine takes a deep dive into AI and its unknown future of technological evolution.

This year's amazing print design by Zwupp is emphasized by a cover picture from Claudia Rafael with a special effect. The AI theme in the Magazine is not just reflected on the outside and in the content, but also in the inside with AI-generated images, facts, and the artificially made Typo. 

Including interviews with:

- Refik Anadol
- Mike Meire
- Baugasm
- Barbara Kruger
- Ines Alpha
- Claudia Rafael
- Sucuk & Bratwurst
- Snask
- Christina Worner